Mercury/32 Licensing

Welcome to the Mercury/32 Licensing Server! Here you can purchase licenses for your copy of Mercury/32 v4.52 or later.

Licenses are required for commercial use of Mercury/32, and will modify the program's status bar to reflect the licensed status of the server when installed. You will also need a license if you wish to run Mercury as a Windows Service.

Before you proceed to the purchasing screens, please review the terms and conditions of use for Mercury, to verify that you require a license and that you are clear on the type of license you need.

If you would like more information on Mercury before proceeding, please visit either our official home site at, or the Pegasus Mail and Mercury user community site at

Certain information is collected during the processing of your license purchase. To view what is collected and our privacy policy, please click here.

When you are ready to proceed, please click the 'Continue' button.







No-cost licensing requests  If you are a charitable or domestic user not otherwise required to purchase a license for Mercury, but would like to acquire a license so you can run the program as a native Windows Service, please click here






Problems using PayPal?  We want your purchase to be as easy as possible, and if you have problems working with PayPal, we want to hear about them so we can help you - please mail us.






Pre-purchase questions?  If you have questions about purchasing or using your Mercury license, we're happy to help in any way we can - please mail us.






Haven't received your license? If you haven't received mail from us within 24 hours of making your purchase telling you how to download your license, please click here for information on what to do next.