Mercury/32 Licensing - Privacy Policy

As part of the process of issuing your Mercury license, this site gathers a certain amount of information about you.

  • For all purchases  you will need to supply us with your organization name, the name of a contact person and an e-mail address for that person, the type of Mercury license you wish to purchase, and an indication of whether or not you are based in New Zealand. We need this information to complete your purchase, and to comply with the tax laws of New Zealand. We also gather and record the IP address of the computer you are using to connect to this site. We keep this information for security purposes and to protect ourselves and our customers against malicious use..
  • For purchases by invoice, we also gather a billing address and a fax number. We need this information to prepare the invoice we send you.

The information shown above may be stored for the life of the license you purchase from us. It will be stored in a secure location not directly accessible from the broader Internet. We are happy to provide the information we hold on file to your authorized representative on request - please send your request to allowing 24-48 business hours for an answer. We will also correct any factual errors in the information we store on request to the same address.

For purchases that are not completed after a certain period of time, the information supplied during the purchase process will be automatically deleted.

We will never supply the information you provide to us to any other party, unless compelled to do so by the laws of New Zealand, or in the case of a dispute over charging, as part of the resolution process with our credit card processor, PayPal.

We never see your credit card or PayPal account details - that information is collected solely by PayPal, and is covered by their privacy policies.

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